Oracle Cloud – Create custom image

Create custom image for OpenVPN Access Server.

Access server image is provided as OVA file from openvpn site

First convert OVA file to VMDK, Use vmware workstation.

File/Open – select oas_2.8.3.ova file

Complete import.

This will create a set of files in your local file system

Now you have a file which you can import to Cloud.

Login to Cloud account, go to Object Storage and create authentication URL – Click Pre-Authnticated Request

Set Name
For Pre-Authenticated Request Target select Bucket as you want to upload to bucket
Set Expiration date

Click Create

On right site click on “…” button and click Copy Pre-Authenticated Reqeust

Create curl command like


Execute command in folder where file is located.

This will upload file to object storage

Go to custom Images

Click Import

Set name for this image and select image from Object Storage

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