OS Management

How to confiugure OS Management

OS Management can manage single servers, or group of servers. The Group of servers has to have this same OS.
This same Oracle Linux release and version ban be grouped for purpose of management activity.


Install osms-agent

yum install osms-agent 

Create Dynamic Group and Policy

Group and Policy need to be created to allow instnces to use OS Managemet

Create Group Identity -> Dynamic Group

Add rule which will define the set of instances to be permitted in policy.


All {instance.compartment.id = `<Compartment OCID>'}

Create Policy

Identity -> Plicies

Add two policy statemnets that applyto the Dynamic Group

Allow dynamic-group <Dynamic Group> to use osms-managed-instances in compartment <Compartment>
Allow dynamic-group <Dynamic Group> to read instance-family in compartmnet < <Comparmet>

Allow dynamic-group Instances_QAD to use osms-managed-instances in compartment compqa;
Allow dynamic-group Instances_QAD to read instance-family in compartment compqa;

From Console we can manage

install new packages
Update new packages
Software source
Schedule Jobs – immediate, or in future,
Work Request – monitor job status

Compute -> Os Management

Following Resreouces are aavailable

  • Packages
  • CVEs
  • Manged Instance Groups
  • Software Sources
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Work Requests
  • Metrics and Alarms


Install osms package on the server

yum install osms-agent

Execute sudo yum repolist – first line you will see

This system is receiving updates from OSMS

Login to console to add instance to group of servers


Oracle Linux 7

sudo sstemctl stop ocms-agnet 

Unregister the OS Management service

sudo osms unregister

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