MySQL High Availability presentation

At Thursday I attend MySQL High Availability presentation by Marlyne Nelson and Dmitriy Vvemdemskiy.

Oracle provide MySQL VM in their cloud. When creating an instance, you receive MySQL Enterprise version not community version, with all additional benefits of an enterprise version like backup, audit, firewall and monitoring. MySQL is installed on Linux Oracle.

I think the biggest advantage of MySQL Cloud will have enterprise user. Here instance is created with MySQL Enterprise version on Oracle Linux, when on all other cloud providers vms have community version. If you want to have Enterprise version you need install it yourself – I am doing this now on Azure RedHat VM.

In my opinion, support is also critical, especially for the production environment. When a problem occurred, you are looking for the quick solution. On Oracle cloud as everything is provided by Oracle ( cloud environment, OS – Oracle Linux, DB – Oracle MySQL ), you will contact one support group and work with them to resolve the problem, when using another provider you may need work with 2-3 different support group to address a problem.

I was working with Oracle support several time and they provide quick response and help me resolve problems with DB and OS.

I am planning to try MySQL Cloud and see how cloud interface looks and how easy it is – base on Dmitriy description manage instance, backup, recovery, MySQL update, os update, scale system should be simple.

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