MySQL Cluster – replication to MySQL Enterprise Innodb


We manage a two MySQL Cluster – Cluster 1 and Cluster 2.
Both clusters are replicating as master – master.
From cluster 2 we setup replication to MySQL Enterprise Port 3310 – master-slave replication.

Configuration was straight forward with MySQL.

What do we need to do to switch replication of MySQL 3310 from cluster 2 to cluster 1?

NDB engine keep record of applied changes with position number and file name in mysql.ndb_apply_status table.
We decide to replicate this table to 3310 instance.

In case when cluster 2 will be not available, we can read last applied epoch time from mysql.ndb_apply_status, then go to cluster 1 and from mysql.ndb_apply_status read binlog file name and position.

This is a theory . We are using this method to replicate cluster – rebuild from backup and start replication.
We will test this theory and update information with result

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