Year: 2019

SELinux for Zabbix

Base on post from Install: Generate custom SELinux plicy file for Zabbix grep zabbix_t /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M zabbix_server_custom Load new policy semodule -i zabbix_server_custom.pp There is possibility that the server will not start correctly. Repeat above steps several Read More

PDO Crud connect to separate DB

<code> //Set the host name to connect for database $config[“hostname”] =  “localhost”; //Set the database name $config[“database”] = “pdocrud”; //Set the username for database access $config[“username”] = “root”; //Set the pwd for the database user $config[“password”] = “”; //Set the Read More

PDO CRUD – shortlinks

[pdocrud table=”tablename” render=”crud”] [pc_func enqueuecss bootstrap_rtl=””][/pc_func] [pc_func enqueuejs googlemap=””][/pc_func] [pc_func tablheadiing heading=”Some heading”][/pc_func] [pc_func tablesubheading sub_heading=”Some sub heading”][/pc_func] [pc_func fielddesc option_name=”some description”][/pc_func] [pc_func fieldtooltip option_name=”tooltip”][/pc_func] [pc_func fieldcssclass option_name=”class1,class2″][/pc_func] [pc_func coldataattr colname=”option_name” width=”500px”][/pc_func] [pc_func fieldattributes fieldname=”option_name” data-type=”email”][/pc_func] [pc_func dborderby orderbycols=”option_name desc”][/pc_func] Read More

Add crontab to vmware

Edit file: /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root 39 0 * * * /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/tools/ghettoVCB/ -a Restart crontab job after updating configuration file After editing the crontab you also need to kill and restart the crond process, which you can do like this: kill -HUP $(cat Read More